Our history

The TAFS forum was founded in 2002 as the International Forum for Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSE) and Food Safety, in response to the urgent need to address the BSE/TSE issue.

In 2006 TAFS has extended its scope to include other transmissible animal diseases and the risks they may pose to food safety. Thus, TAFS then stood for the International Forum for Transmissible Animal Diseases and Food Safety.

In 2011 the TAFS forum expanded its sope even further to include all safety aspects of animal-based food (including meat, eggs, dairy, honey) and threats to food safety from zoonotic diseases, microbiological contamination, chemical and radioactive contamination. Further aspects taken into account include public health, sustainability and food security.

Reflecting this latest expansion of scope TAFS now stands for 'Trust in Animals and Food Safety'.